Along with my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal this year (71 books), I am also participating in the PopSugar 2018 Reading Challenge! Come back here often to see when I have checked a prompt off the list- the title and author of the book will be added underneath the corresponding prompt. The page with the full list of prompts will be in the menu (for a tiny bit of clarification, check there- not back to THIS post).

If you would like to know more about this challenge, go here. The Goodreads group for the challenge is a safe, fun, and very active community. I encourage you to join in! You can also visit and follow/friend my Goodreads account to track my progress on both challenges.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested or are going to participate in this challenge- or if you have any reading goals for this year, as well!


  “I want you to adore me

  I want you to ignore me

  say hello, MELANCHOLIA

First post on my first real blog in over a decade & I have absolutely no clue what to say.

This blog is a work in progress, as is the main domain, as am I.

I will be trying to write daily, almost like those 30-day writing challenge images I see everywhere (except this is more like a, “write every damn day, Lori” challenge). I will pick some of the items I see within those challenges, sometimes I’ll pick creative writing prompts. & (insert overly dramatic sigh here) some days I will work on my dauntingly grandiose novel that is basically jumbles of notes in multiple notebooks at this point.

I am obsessed with makeup and cooking, so on occasion there might be reviews and recipes. I’m even considering (with a heavy dollop of trepidation) doing some vlog posts at some point.

As soon as I finish writing anything, I will do my best to post it here. Please keep checking back in to both the blog and the main domain, as I have exciting things planned.

     Lori {X}