Along with my Goodreads Reading Challenge goal this year (80 books), I am also participating in the PopSugar 2020 Reading Challenge! Come back here often to see when I have checked a prompt off the list- the title and author of the book will be added underneath the corresponding prompt. The page with the full list of prompts will be in the menu (for a tiny bit of clarification, check there- not back to THIS post).

If you would like to know more about this challenge, go here. The Goodreads group for the challenge is a safe, fun, and very active community. I encourage you to join in! You can also visit and follow/friend my Goodreads account to track my progress on both challenges.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested or are going to participate in this challenge- or if you have any reading goals for this year, as well!


I spent so much time last year uploading all my ratings and reviews for my Goodreads goals last year…I’m not doing that this time. I’m going to make this relatively short and sweet, which is easier on me and you (dear reader).

I read a lot more books and made much more progress on both my Goodreads Challenge goal and the POPSUGAR 2019 READING CHALLENGE. For the POPSUGAR challenge, I completed 19 of the 40 regular prompts and 1 of the 10 advanced prompts. If we’re including the advanced prompts in the overall challenge (and I am), I completed 40% of the challenge. Far, far better than I did last year. Click here to see the complete challenge and what books I read for what prompts.

I also read more in 2019, which I’m completely certain is because of volunteering at my local library twice a week. I am surrounded by books, including advanced reading copies I’m lucky enough to have the chance to read, so I’m now just naturally inclined to devour as many books as I possibly can. My Goodreads challenge goal was 71 books, I read 79; breaking it down- I read 47 Novels/Short Story Collections, 26 graphic novels/collected comic volumes, 3 cookbooks, 2 books of poetry, and 1 self-help book.

I am participating in the POPSUGAR 2020 READING CHALLENGE again this year, and I have set my Goodreads goal: 80 books. I’m thinking (well, hoping) I will be able to at the very least hit that goal, and maybe even surpass it.

Overall, I had a great reading year. I read a lot of absolutely amazing books and discovered many new favorite authors. I would say, if forced to pick just one book, that my favorite read of the entire year was Bassey Ikpi’s “I’m Telling the Truth, but I’m Lying”- I have never connected to a memoir more in my life. If you would like to see what all I read, including my ratings and sporadic reviews, click here.