SHM RADIO, EP.2: under the ash branches

   SHM Radio- a series I originally planned to be (at the very least) monthly…and here we are 5 months later since my last post. Life happens, and the bad likes to come crashing down all at once. The universe is an asshole like that.

I compiled some of these songs back in October, thinking it wold be a good Halloween-esque playlist (because it’s a bit dark). I decided to finish it now and put the songs in an order that’s meant to be listened to from beginning to end. This playlist is much more indicative of my general taste in music than the last- and I feel it’s perfect music for the frigid cold and aura of depression that surrounds the season where (at least in Oregon) you never really see the sun.

I am aware that if you are viewing this on a mobile device and do not have a Spotify subscription, it will only play the tracks shuffled. If you listen to it on your desktop that problem is solved.

If there is an official music video for the song I will be embedding that in the description. Now, on to the descriptions- let’s get moody as fuck together.
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