I have a ridiculous amount of empties. It’s become an issue. Can I really justify throwing my used up beauty/household products in a container until it is overflowing because “I’m going to write reviews on them soon!”? So, instead of reviewing every single empty I currently have in this post I picked 6, which I will continue to do with each beauty trash review post. If I have a product I really have no opinion on, if it was honestly just “meh”, it’s going straight in the recycling/trash.

I have something to say about each of these, in no particular order:


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March Book Wrap-up

My reading challenge on Goodreads is starting to look like an actual challenge. I only read 4 books in March. A bad reading month two months in a row, to me, equals an official reading slump. I had made a little pact with myself to only read books that I had actual excitement for- not books that others had recommended or books I felt like I had to read because “everyone else” is talking about them. For some reason, I can’t hold myself to that seemingly easy goal. In March, I forced myself to continue with a series that I gave up on years ago and read a novel that has been frequently recommended to me even though it wasn’t even appealing to me. I never really had the feeling this month of being excited to get back to my book during daily life, which is really quite sad. Reading is my hobby, not a chore or a job, and hobbies should be fun- right?

Some good news- as I type this it is the 14th of April and I am more than halfway finished with my 4th book of the month. I broke myself out of the reading slump by actually sticking to reading books that I am excited to read.

All of this being said, there was one book I read in the month of March that was beyond amazing- in fact, it is the best YA Contemporary novel I have ever read. Let’s start with that one (as always, my reviews are as spoiler-free as I can possibly make them):


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